Solitude sits and stares back at me
My limbs ache with the weight of an age
Bark scorned by the ghosts of trees lays as confirmation at my feet
Here alone I draw from nature that which humanity fails to provide
I wonder where you are …
I no longer feel your breath
I held on longer than I am certain you believe
Beneath my feet there lies more warmth
In winter soil
Than in the darkened memories I am cursed by
Chained by every fractured promise
I have only words to save me
My heart
A world away…


You captured me in dark tones

I was intriguing and fragile I am sure

You drew your desires across my skin

Carving with precision kissing away the blood

I fell for you like nothing on earth

A surreal and maddening Love

These memories soaked in sentiment

Give rise to indescribable regret

My heart falls from the balcony of your dissatisfaction

As you alter the negatives

No longer remembering I was always only me

I wonder did you not see in the light of day

Your pictures

Your curiosity

Your assumptions

The way in which you coveted my soul

Were never meant to be a reflection of you

Only raw sketches of what you needed from me

Hanging in your halls

I would never be decoration

I was fragile and darkness and desire served up on pain

Fleeting captivation

I gave you everything I was

Uncertainty and rapture

My throat swells with lack of breath

My heart aches with distance

You captured me in silence

I now want to scream

I was perfect for sketched fragments



Poetic Notions

I was but one of your obsessions

Never meant to be enough






My skin is pale
In the twilight
Amongst your roses
I toy with the thorns
Blood flows across my wrist
Forms your name
I smear wishes across my thigh
Cloudy sky
A portrait
I shall love you always
Tattooed across my skin
Scarlet ribbon in my hair
I lay against your door
Waiting for you
My skin white at midnight
Concrete stained with tears
Note in hand
My love for you
Penned for eternity
In Violet



We used to have so much to say
You and I
Another time, another place
Before that inevitable fog of time
Caressed our world
Gently at first
An inept separation
Reedemable with those three fractured beeps
Long distance
Eventuality though becomes us all
As it wound and choked
We are speechless now
Except for the languid curl of tongue
Over needy love starved flesh
Is this all that remains
Or is it all we ever really had…











There are pieces of me
That float away with indifference
A complex montage of fractured illusion
Pieces of me whisper your name
You collect them and draw them to your heart
I push,and you frustrated turn
You seek to save my soul
I believe… and yet I don’t
Either way
Could you promise I will ever be whole again?
There are pieces of me
Jagged and scarred they arrive at your door
Time and time again
In my mind you leave it open
I smash against the frame
Become unrecognisable damage
Broken pieces
These are the risks we take
Human and incomplete
How will it end?
I sketch examples into the darker shades of you
An offered glimpse into the blackened state of me
I beckoned,and you frustrated ran…
As darker dreams foretold
I lay now in pieces
In the palm of your hand.


Laying Down

I lay down under the anguish coated sky

It dreams of sun
As it pours with rain
In my dreams it used to wash away that blood stain
The one embedded in old style concrete
Pieces of you now reflections in the sand
Intangible yet suffocating
All at once
I hated it so
Yet did it ever really exist except in my mind ?
I ran my hand along that old guitar
I let four notes fall across my lips
That song I wrote…
I could make you feel beautiful
In my world you,not I were the artist
If only I had known
You painted me only grey
The sky whispered
And wondered how long it should stay silent
I lay quietly feeling lost
I promised forever
After all









There is a darkness that runs along my spine


It is there as I sleep


I feel it as liquid trickling slow against my skin


The hush of the night


Your breath keeps me warm


Yet I remember it


Ever present I wait for it to leave


Knowing it shall not


As I inhale you


It covers me


A reminder that come morning You’ll be gone


No roses by my door


A political kiss


Yet whispered love unleft upon my cheek


What am I now but vulnerable




Chained by my heart as you walk free


The darkness whispers


As I drag along behind your smile


You blink but twice I am a distant memory


I’d cut my heart out for such a luxury




Your scent permeates my skin


As once again the darkness runs along my spine


I close my eyes


Barricade to tears




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