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I felt you closer than this
I heard you long before you came
For you were still
I , eternally restless
Engaged continuously in flight
Breath against my neck
I fell into you from far far away
The seasons came and went around us
Touch, a gift we were yet to learn
No boundary though times passage
Miles of distance
Nor fate
I felt you more than real
In my veins you threaded wishes
Whispered secrets
Carved our dreams
I was the butterly to all your inner magic
Hovering aside your thoughts for years
I felt you naked like this
Quintessential beauty you pollenated my world
Taught me all I’ve ever feared
All I’ve ever yearned for
In a whisper
Conviction, Passion
A kaleidescope of love
Long before time allowed us gracious decadence
That first time
Most beautifully coloured
When you captured my whole
With your kiss

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