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With the cat like eyes

See and remember

Walking the catwalk


Darkness follows me as I walk this wire. I want from you.. what I want from you

Ordinary things, a card on my birthday.. a hug when I am sad

You see me as the feline – independant, catlike.. yet inside I wish to be stroked

I seduce and I nurture

I fill all your desires, meet all your needs

Where is MY bowl of water?  MY blanket?

Light shines on the catwalk as I take centre stage

Darkness illuminated by a single spotlight

Your love for me?

Or merely that I dream…

I curl into myself,retract my smile and sharpen my claws on my own misery


Padded paws tiptoe behind you as you sleep

Bruised the heart behind

Apply my makeup, smooth down my fur.. I lay down beside you

Model of perfection


By the catwalk



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