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Standing in your doorway

Did you even see that I had arrived

My arms were filled with flowers

You seemed cautious of the thorns

In reality there was a dream they came from you

I the princess

You seeking nothing less

I once captured all you were

I am now..

Concealed by other reasons

Resting on a ledge

I wear secrets carved across my skin

I wanted to say I love you

It seemed inadequate

Whispers in my mind

Perplexed how my love grows

I pray for the world to spin outside my door

For everything to always be the same

I am absorbed in things that make my heart soar

Laying in your arms

The sound of your voice

Enough to bind me

I will wait that long slow dance out

Chords press against my throat

A blade rests at my wrist

I stand waiting for you to lift your head

A silent adoration


Nothing fades here

Standing in your doorway

While you search beyond for something more




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