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I am

I am of tears in tea cups

That flow into Rivers

An accidental occurence

In your raging sea

Swept across the surface

By waves of emotion

I am

Nothing you ever wished for

In any of your dreams



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In your arms

I am not me

I am beauty


A single touch

A thousand moments

Senses responsive

Held captive

The gatekeeper

Is the hypnotic waltz

Of your lips upon mine

Passion fleeting

Yet eternal

The dark sorceress

Surrendering control

Arching in fevered desire

I somehow barely recognise

As myself

For our union

weaves magic

Underneath you I become



Coming together

A warm and languid caress

I drown in darkened waters

The depths of you

Your fragile soul

As the magic of midnight

Drifts sweetly overhead

Falling softly like a blanket

The sweet taste

Fills every ache

Carves grooves in my skin

A reminder of fulfillment

For the nights I starve alone

Pieces of me

Moulded from pieces of you

Reign perfect

A carousel of definitive chemistry

My love dances on a blade

Dark red blood

Drips from my heart

Into your pale and tender palm

Submersed in you

I am





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Up From The Blue



Gets under my skin

You don’t know

You can’t feel it

I shelter

My haven silence

An open window a reminder I am free

Yet chained by darkness I am not

Blurred lines


The battle where no medals adorn a victory

One more day

My only reward

It becomes not

Failing or surviving

I have already drowned

Daydreams are where

I come up from the blue

In fleeting painted moments

Staring at the view

Through your world

While my world

Waits coldly to return



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