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Once Upon A Love


You captured me in dark tones

I was intriguing and fragile I am sure

You drew your desires across my skin

Carving with precision kissing away the blood

I fell for you like nothing on earth

A surreal and maddening Love

These memories soaked in sentiment

Give rise to indescribable regret

My heart falls from the balcony of your dissatisfaction

As you alter the negatives

No longer remembering I was always only me

I wonder did you not see in the light of day

Your pictures

Your curiosity

Your assumptions

The way in which you coveted my soul

Were never meant to be a reflection of you

Only raw sketches of what you needed from me

Hanging in your halls

I would never be decoration

I was fragile and darkness and desire served up on pain

Fleeting captivation

I gave you everything I was

Uncertainty and rapture

My throat swells with lack of breath

My heart aches with distance

You captured me in silence

I now want to scream

I was perfect for sketched fragments



Poetic Notions

I was but one of your obsessions

Never meant to be enough



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