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Never Look Back

Sometimes I leave you

Turn my back

Cover my scars

Feelings you evoke

Leave me raw,vulnerable

I hide pieces of me

In the crevice of skilfully chosen words

I love you

And yet…

I realise you don’t know me at all

You hold in your heart

A severed version of me

From when I stand before you

Floodgates open

Begging you understand my soul

I come to you

Arms filled with flowers

Head full of misery

Heart in my hand

Temporary solace you offer

Absorbed in your music your collections

Your page is bare

You understand not of deeper pains

Of me and all I am inside

The ability to slice me open with words

Used by you to maximum potential

Severed an artery this time

The blood of years of betrayal and regret drowning me

Submerged now in pain laced anger

I turn my back

Walk away

Hide my tears

Cover my scars

Not looking back




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