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Love Like Coffee



That familiar smell that feels like home. Something you know too much of isn’t good for you but you indulge anyway because it makes you feel so good…

The similarity however ends there.

If only love could be aquired and consumed so easily.

“It can.”You say.There are offers everywhere.. from park benches to takeaway stands to fast food counters. Warm beverages on offer from endearing strangers with smooth flattering lines. All brewed and frothed and stirred effectively designed to make you feel good…

But they are not love

Love is the thing you cannot buy in a trendy takeaway cup. Hold with one hand while you do 110 on the freeway.

Love is the thing you crave more than caffeine and if undelivered costs you more than you will ever understand.

Love is the thing that you don’t have control over. It goes against common sense and reasoning. If you ask for a coffee and someone only has tea it will probably at least halfway satisfy… love however, has no replacement. No amount of substitute sweetner can make a loveless affair palatable. Initially it may taste like sugar,but the empty bitterness of it as you walk home alone with your empty cup soon reminds you it can never be the same.

Love is the baristas one perfect award. That cup that somehow can never be created as well again.

Love is about all the imperfect things. About peace and bonding against all odds.About loving someone for a million reasons you can speak of and a million others you can’t. It’s unexplainable and incurable and a worse addiction than a Hazelnut Chai Latte (Now do you understand?)

If only love were like coffee..

If one sip was all it took

If whenever you needed it it would still be there

But most of all

If once the cup was empty it was gone….

Love though,lingers

No substitute for it’s affliction

No free ride once you’ve lived through six

Coffee so easy compared to starts with the letter L – Love


Why can’t you be like coffee?



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