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Peices Of Us

There are peices of us everywhere.. it’s been a long time.

Peices of us lay in old letters, music,poetry and dreams

Peices of us lay in betrayal, lies,tears…imperfect and real

Our worlds remain apart yet joined and somehow..

We embed

Peices of me read your thoughts and paint your tomorrows

For I know you

I know you as no other for you have lain your heart at my feet and stained my path with its blood

Peices of you watch me as I undress

For you know me

You know me like no other, as for you I remove my outer layers and revealed my insides

There are peices of you inside my head as I shake it and try not to recall the taste of you..a wild intoxicating spell

Peices of you surround me everywhere I go

There are peices of me inside your world as you spin and try and shake free of me… a wild intoxicating spell

Peices of me follow you everywhere you go

Peices of us lay down memories.. slowly, surely.. we have begun and weathered and flowered and become universally traceable. Our existance concrete.

You & I

There are peices of us everywhere

It’s been a long time




Have  irreversibly become



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