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An Ordinary Day

On a day I told myself that I could live without you

I tripped

Over my heart

Fell hopelessly in love

Ordinary days

Come covered in sweetness

Come coated with pain

Sidewalks recall the times we walked by

Arm in Arm

Wide apart

So in love

Not talking at all

Changing emotions

Love & Hate collide

Whispering cracks

Concrete convictions

These are the things that claim me

Tie up my reserve

Push me over the wall

All of the beautiful ways that I fail you

You and all of your ways to draw tears

A mess we make of loves picture book ending

Yet I convince myself that I can’t live without you

You are convinced I am all you’ll ever need

Mixed up crazy Love

Valentines charade and yet..

Ordinary days

Are coloured by you

The sweetness of your words

The changing moments at your touch

I ask myself if I could live without you ?

Then trip

Over my heart

Hopelessly in Love










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