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How dark you are my sweet memory

Painted compositions cling to pale limbs

A dance through fire changed everything
Ash settles in pools of clotting tears
Like the velvet ribbon you tied around my wrist
The day you stole my heart
I watch you from a distance
Aiming to be beautiful
Instead reflective
Of all you never saw
Oh sweet memory
Pain laced with gold
How very dark you are
As from afar I stare
Into the fire

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I exist

Strung from a limb

Blown about it scrapes my flesh

Carving your name across my thigh

Blood flows quietly

Staining the earth with my memory

Full moon wanes in a painted sky

Somewhere across the darkness

You pen your frustrations

Thrust them against the glass

I sense your movements

Lean my heart toward the window

Yet I no longer see

So long since I lay in your arms

Faintly loves scent permeates my brain

Ultimately more painful is such

Than the tearing of my skin

Slowly your lips brush mine

In that familiar way

Only we create

I brace against the memory

Its knife surging through my soul

The storm a gracious penance

Compared to losing you

Far away you stare at my photograph

Held in your hands

I exist

Strung from a limb

Petals discarded at your feet

Naked vulnerability

We weather the storm

As my blood forms patterns on the ground

Rain falls hard against the window

Your fingers grasp my throat

As my tears fall into your palm



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