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There Is Silence

There is Us

There is me and all I want you to be.
Then there is you not wanting at all.

There is me dreaming of you
And all I want is for you to dream of me.

Then there is you
Not dreaming at all.

Here I am feeling all that I feel
All I need is for you to feel at all

There is me whispering to you
And all I dream is you to whisper to me.

Then there is you
Saying nothing at all.

There is Silence

What happened to Us?





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Somewhere in the forest

Though I can no longer see the woods for the trees

I used to know you

I recognised you long before we touched

In my nesting I created “us”

There was you and there was me

Indistinguishable forms

We sang

The sound shimmered around me

In spring we nestled close

Summer ended,winter came

Once I felt warm

Today I feel…

You pecked at all my scars

I can not find you anymore

I no longer recognise me

Today is my birthday and outside I see the birds

The beautiful ones without damage like me

Inside it is cold and I wait for love to come

Memory is –

A cruel … yet simultaneously beautiful gift

I stare through the window at where we used to be

Fading love a silhouette

Finally night falls

Darkness surrounds me

All the birds have gone

I just feel lost




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