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Falling Into You

Something lands on my heart

A whisper from you

I’m not sure if you are intentional

If you send your words to lay upon me

If late at night you assume the colour of my eyes

Does my every crazed notion astound you ?

As I breathe in


Lay pretty reasons on the page

I think I do it for me yet you know it’s not so

Will you always be intangible

Simple tastes of you only ever precious dreams

Deciphering the magic

In between my ever changing moods

Brings only a single explanation

I’m falling






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My skin is pale
In the twilight
Amongst your roses
I toy with the thorns
Blood flows across my wrist
Forms your name
I smear wishes across my thigh
Cloudy sky
A portrait
I shall love you always
Tattooed across my skin
Scarlet ribbon in my hair
I lay against your door
Waiting for you
My skin white at midnight
Concrete stained with tears
Note in hand
My love for you
Penned for eternity
In Violet

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I place all of myself into you and I

“Us” is an entity I breathe

Pleasing you includes the painful exploration and growth of myself,things I simultaneously thank and scorn you for

Yet I merge.. into a better form of myself in your eyes.. all for love

Nurture is part of my skin and pulses through my veins

I know you will never be me

I love you as you are and yet… perhaps I only ever knew the image of you I dreamed

For other colours shade your violet eyes now

You and I against the world you wished for

Well here I am and yet

In my pain and confusion you turn from me

My feelings are not your concern I heard you say


In the entity of “Us”

Do you become accountable ?

Or was it always only ever me



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