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Falling Down

I lay down in the darkness
Letting it fall upon me like a lover…
Penetrating my flesh
Consuming with seductive persuasion.
I feel it engulf
Like a thick cloud of desire…
It takes me somewhere,and leaves no trail to follow home.
It is my memory
My soul remembering the haven of your arms…
Inhaling you as your love stains my skin with irreversable longing.
It is not however, my memory that reigns the forever tainted insomniac…
Rather my every breath
Governed by that deeply moving film
That plays in regardless repetition at the back of my long closed eyes.
Missing you is inevitable
For your scent lingers upon my skin
Your warm and languid touch still resting against my body…
Are you even aware ?
I wonder quietly
As loving you consumes me….
And as each past day without you has endlesly proven
I begin…
Falling Down


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