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In the back of my mind an old song plays

I hear it… somewhere not sure, perhaps on the radio

Perhaps on scratched but well loved 1970’s vinyl

Oh how many love affairs started and ended with laying those old needles down

How many tear stained pillows comforted by the sounds of I will still love you tomorrow

Does anyone have a love song in this modern world?

Hey listen to my ipod this ones for you..

I guess that could work

Essentially I’m just an old fashioned girl

Trading yesterday for today but ever still dreaming those impossible dreams

I wonder
Will you love me always
Amid a world of betrayal and infidelity of the heart
I close my eyes and it’s yesterday
You loved me like no other
Lets go back there someday and play a brand new song

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The most painful of all pain is the one you inflict upon yourself

From the inside

Trying to be real

Searching for honesty amid the dreams your mind created and lay bare amid your world

Waking from this scars and my head hurts… and bleeds

Everything was ok before I stepped outside myself

A valuable lesson is silence on the outside

Tears kept inside


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Dark Faerie Dreaming

Love comes in waves
Washes over me as I sleep
Daily I wake

My chest hollow
Your name on my lips

Nothing takes away 
Missing you
Writing it down…
Somehow the words dilute before they grace the page
Unable to carry
To intensity of all I feel

For us
Seems unable to walk this earth
Yet remains suspended
Impossible to discard

I want a peice of your clothing
Some well worn fragment of you
To hold close and inhale
Meth to my inevitable continual addiction

In return I offer a lock of my hair
To twirl between your fingers five years from now
And breathe and sigh
And remember
She loved me like no other

Nothing will satisfy
Or conjure sleep
To those that dream with memories like ours
Love built on castles in the air
Can really never fall down

That first kiss
Remains my last

I will wait for you eternally
For another time another place
Carve your name into my flesh
Dark crimson against pale longing
So you will recognise me when again
We stand at the platform

For love like this
No matter how long
How far

Nothing soothes the ache

I am pushed away
To the far corners of your earth
But I am always close

For love is not of posession
And there is no control
To the soulmate theory

Which I have finally determined as real

As again I open my eyes
Your name upon my lips

~ Me

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We used to be friends once.  You would talk to me for hours..

Then came facebook. A weird modern entity that replaced the “friends list’ with the “Random lets add anyone that clicks yes connection list” and we don’t talk anymore…

You leave one line comments on my page now and then

Mostly though, you don’t

You click “like” on all my photographs, mostly though I know you don’t look

You say “we should catch up soon”

But we both know this is “Facebook” speak for… we probably never will

Because we used to be friends once

Till technology killed the need

You say things you never would face to face

About me…. and everyone laughs as they read

I try and pretend I don’t care, this is facebook land… it’s just how it is

There is always someone more enticing to engage with, something new to see

No need to be friends now

You have 65 connections

replacing – simply me

Logging out…


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Summers End

I fear summers end

The bright shiny rays of love you bestow

Fall to shadows and with frost approaching I remember

How you danced with her as I tried to glimpse yesterday

Where at summers peak you lay loves blanket down

Protected my heart with golden kisses

Painted my name across an amber sky

Too cold reality comes in the breath of seasons changing

Polaroid scars embed somewhere lost inside

I hate the way she says your name

The one I penned in earnest devotion that faithful spring

Summer adorned me as Queen in your eyes

I was always enough

You were never too far to dream


Never existed

Music plays in my head as I skip through the beauty of soft summer love

Holding hands we have it all

Making love where violets flourish we hold no thought for tomorrows cold

Time moves now though

Cruel mistress

I reach out to hold you near

Brace for the memoirs of a not so sweetened winter

Here deep in my heart


I fear Summers end


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