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Desire Becomes Us

Oh sweet desire
How I love we are now
You trace scratches on my skin
Apply salve with your tongue
Melancholy lay dreaming to the side
As you ignite and simply burn
Brand your name across my flesh
Caravan of yesterdays me
Travels south now
Butterflies of  lust consume
In your eyes I drown
Piano down my spine
Cross my legs
Block my dreams
You spill across my lips
In your field of wonder
I am covered by your way
Despite molten scars
Yearn I that you linger
For passion has me blind
I say your name against your chest
Inhale such wondrous scent
The past
A grey and ageing whisper
Today so Coloured by you
Oh sweet desire
Enamoured I
By the honeyed taste of  love
Never stray
Sugar sweet temptation
Long before you held my reigns
Never sweeter though than now
There was ever simply


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