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The dawn embraced her slowly.The mischief smiled as she wakened to the reasurring warmth of another day to follow love. Fingers twirled through tangled locks,limbs stretching gently against crimson satin,ebony lashes lay against soft creamy cheeks…as she turned over slowly……. her fingers reached across to the note sealed with his kiss…”Is it love we feel? Are you real my enchantress? Or is this existance of elation our intimacy brings all but a moment created by desire,painted by love,conjured by the messenger,that northern wind? Can an embrace as perfect be ultimate and everlasting,or shall I lose thee with certainty to a more perfect midnight sky?”The Mischief held the note to her breast… wings caressing her limbs….. “Oh how I love thee,against all sense…..” She whispered upon dawns breath… Eyelids slowly closing….Dream always,Love Long.. tomorrows answers,forever unknown.




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The River

Stare past all you believe me to be
I am deeper than that faraway ocean
What I reveal is but a fragmentation
Sand upon unknown shores
The breeze that blows gently
Arousing your senses
I am unique in my complexity
Yet stand before you
Simplicity under intensified gaze
Grounded by earthly desires
I appear less fragile than true
To know me is to understand
Hold your reservations
Your required observations
Take my hand gently now
Walk as the moon romances the sky
Listen beyond all you desire me to say
Dance barefoot in the river
Stones smooth underneath
Sun caressing from above
My hair lay golden
Strewn across your shoulder in dreams
See me for what I am
Love me for who I can become
Gather pieces of me and forge as you will
Watch as ripples drift along my surface
Stare past all you believe me to be
Tread softly
Move slowly
For I am deeper than you know

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Be still

You need not move for recognition

For simply…

You consume me

Immersed in your flesh

The taste of your skin so sweet

The very scent of you consumes me






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How ?


” And how, as my fingers roam the frets, can I play our song without you here? “


I never imagined a world without you

For you were my mirror

You crafted my confidence

You taught me to love


I sang to you as I shall not sing to another

For we promised forever

It never came


I blamed myself to music

Wished I’d never learned to smile

Your guitar rested by my window with your memory

Seven long years


I have learned to love again

Yet scarred eternally

Tainted by that day

Pages of your music


Live forever in my head


As my fingers roam the frets

They burn




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Temporary Affections

There is a line from a Jewel song I love in which she sings “No, it did not make me feel that great, as if to demonstrate. Everything’s temporary if you give it enough time

I love this song for reasons other than this line which induces a melancholy sadness somewhere in the back of my head however it is the line I constantly recall in so many moments of my life.  Is that sad to admit?  That I walk around believing only in temporary affections?

Show me an emotion that lasts forever though and I will join your optimistic belief. Show me a material posession that fulfills a desire for an eternity and I will change my outlook.

Teach me of love that remains unfaltering, wrapped in adoration that does not fade

Share with me something that can be loved that will never leave and I will lay my head down near you and smile

These things though… are all inevitably vulnerable to the passing of time… the power of fate

It makes me scared to love…

Recently I was blessed to share in the beauty of a tiny bird building her little nest in the wisteria that overhangs my front door. I watched as she laid two tiny eggs. I watched as she sat patiently on those little eggs for days. I watched and I waited and I loved her.

I feared for her while she was away and I feared for her eggs. Why? Who knows… perhaps that is my nature

I was happy each time she returned safe and sound and I lay in bed at night dreaming of her safe and warm under the little roof over my front deck

Soon enough two tiny chicks hatched… and I loved them

I watched as she fed them and I watched over them as if they were my own each day as she left to find more food. I was happiest when she returned safetly, fluffed herself up into a little ball and sat on them each evening settling in for the night to keep them warm

At a week old they had tiny feathers. Perfect little wings.

I knew I was blessed to have shared this journey, this miracle..

Then they were gone

I checked them each morning upon waking..

That saturday morning they were gone. At just a week old, eyes still closed.. something had taken them

I cried the whole day

I searched for them, for the mother bird

Love, had been stripped from the nest, from my heart.. and it hurt

Why love?    Why believe in beauty?

“Everything is temporary if you give it enough time”





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