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Life is so fragile
One day we are connected
Safe, needed, loved
The next
Everything is broken…

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For brief moments I leave the past behind
Then it returns to cut and scar
Betrayal & Lies
And all the times I loved so feverently and was pushed away
I fill with anger
I can’t say a word
If I speak
You fill with anger
So I just say nothing
And time moves on…
I want to know love
Love that makes my head spin
As he once described…
I wonder what would make his head spin?
It doesn’t seem to be me
It was always me once
In the past…

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I miss you..
As if you were real, not some illusion of emotion, of love, of hate, of all that resides inbetween
I barely write anymore
This is my hearts way of realising you never read it….
My words no longer touch you
Love flows over me in waves as I pen continual devotion
You’d rather read messages from girls you’ve never met
Comment on her hair colour
How lovely they are
Common to my eyes.. I see no beauty at all
My poetry pushed to the side, no time to respond
Everything changes..
Your love for me, whatever it is left of such great devotion years ago I cling to so tightly
Knowing it will wash over me as I sleep
As it has done so many times before
I no longer write… as my heart has forsaken me
You were always right..
About fairytales and dreams…
In these fantasys
I stand alone
My pen at my feet

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