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My skin is pale
In the twilight
Amongst your roses
I toy with the thorns
Blood flows across my wrist
Forms your name
I smear wishes across my thigh
Cloudy sky
A portrait
I shall love you always
Tattooed across my skin
Scarlet ribbon in my hair
I lay against your door
Waiting for you
My skin white at midnight
Concrete stained with tears
Note in hand
My love for you
Penned for eternity
In Violet

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The closer I am
The harder I fall
I risk everything
Heart in Hand
Shadows cross my memory
I push them aside
Love coloured blue
Carves into my veins
Painting dreams
Closer I am
Hard I fall
As you seem further and further away
The further you seem

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I lay
Hand across my heart
My thoughts a sail…. that blows in the wind
Crossing time
To the sea where you are
As I whisper to the dark
Your name
Missing you
Do you hear still ?
As you once did
My soul is anchored
By us
Sink or swim….. my every breath
Sighs your name
Missing you
Pulls me under
Hand across my heart
I would give anything
Not to drown….

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I think I’m going to buy an I phone
Just so I can Twitter all day from anywhere..
Like a teenager
Though the twenty somethings seem to be having a field day as well
As are the ageing hippys
And the Hollywood wannabes
I guess everyone has become internet compulsive ?
No one communicates face to face anymore
And of course EVeryyyyyyyyyyone wants to know you had sex last night
Or that you’re eating your breakfast
And we all want to see those pics you post..
You and your friends, same outfits same hair.. equally bad makeup..on your skanky andventures
Cause then that will make you beautiful
Give you self worth
Unlike picking up the phone to people who really know you
Compulsive attention….
In this age of technology
Are we happy now?
Are we happy now?

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Peices Of A Dream

Where do we go
With peices of a dream
Hand in hand
Time turns over again and again
We can lay still
Immersed in beauty
Eyes closed
The world turns round and around again
Heart to heart
Breathing in I feel you
Your lips pressed against mine
Thought too hard to fathom
Truths too hard to bear
Reality loses against your skin
Where I drown
Lost in you
All you are
All I am beside you
Time turns slowly
The world rolls by
As we fall over and over again

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The challenge is to learn to believe,to learn to love for loves sake…and not be tainted by all we think we know.
I want to learn and aquire this for myself..mainly so I can teach my children to believe in themselves…
To give them all I never had as a child… so they walk knowing nurture… and become strong
My gift… is to have the privelege of nurturing their souls
Teaching them that they can be anything they dream..
Sharing the knowledge that life is a journey…
Made beautiful by simple things
Sunny Spring days
And most of all
Love ….

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Recently I read a book review that sent me straight to the nearest bookstore to order the said book.
Now of course those of you that know me well will have already guess it must have been some kind of love story…
It was of course,and taught me another lesson about love that I will hold close to my heart till the end of my days
It taught me that the dream of that one person for whom there will never be a replacement is a reality in worlds far beyond my own….
Owls imprint and mate for life.. If something happens to their mate they often turn and stare at the side of the tree they are sitting on and will themselves to death… To some, insane.. to me an indictation of the soulmate theory, and a gesture that the word "beautiful" not halfway enough for…

Wesley the Owl is a love story that begins when a young, compassionate biologist adopts a baby bird–and unknowingly embarks on a relationship that will last almost two decades. Stacey O’Brien is a biologist, wildlife rescuer, and animal rehabilitation expert specializing in owl research who  lives in California. She "adopts" Wesley at 4 days old….and shares with the reader their beautiful and poignant journey together

For more about the book go here,which will explain everything…. well almost everything… for you will have to immerse yourself in the journey as I did,and view with an open heart to fully understand and hopefully benefit from the lessons learned..


I have read a lot of books… I have dreamed a lot of dreams…

But for some reason this touched me in  ways that as I lay on my bed and read the final pages last night and tears stung my face I made the vow to myself that THIS was the only kind of love I ever want to know.T he kind that consumes you, the kind you know is reciprocated evenly heart to heart till the end of your days.  Not all humans are capable of the unfaltering dedication of Stacey,either with animals,children,or their partners.. I live in this non perfect realm as well… but as I lay turning the final page I vowed this is all I would ever aspire to. I cried myself to sleep… something not many books ,in fact none I can remember at this moment have made me do.. and I woke thinking… that is what love is supposed to be. Not some half hearted offering,not some angsty fluctuating addiction.. Love is love and there is no question when it is real.. and no rhyme or reason or need for it to be human or rational or explainable..

One simple book can change your life

If you let it

As will love…

If it is real

Peace ^!^

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