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Fly Away

I will take all my peices
All I wanted to say
From now
It never existed
Your heart is over there
Doing other things
I shall not try
To steal a moment of your time
And pray you were waiting
As I watch you turn away
I fly….
from this moment

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Breaking Dawn

I bought a new dress
Long dark hair cohersed into ringlets
Hairdressers love to re invent
Dark crimson lips
Tongue stained and burned by amber liquid
An unfamiliar lover
Seems to work for the careless ones
Shiny high heels
I wish I was taller
Gold earrings
Red sash
Is that really my reflection
No one can see the soul
I will blend on the dance floor
Start a new diary
Somewhere lost are my memories
I have gained temporary power
As I smile and twirl
Regret will only meet sadness
Upon the breaking Dawn

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Willow Tree

In my dream I was back there
Leaning on my saviour
Standing in what I had created as a haven
My childhood fairy garden
Underneath the old willow tree
I could hear them screaming in the kitchen
I knew what would happen next
When he was done with her he would look for me
Blood flowed from my bare limbs as I scrambled to safety
In my adult dream I was somehow shocked to look down at 8 year old hands
Scathed and bleeding I hid them behind my back
I was not pretty like the dolls I had seen in store windows
My cheeks were not rosy like my second hand Amanda
I was bruised I was scarred
Inside and out
All I wanted was to smile
Have I ever really moved from this place
Am I still running
Though now in high heels
A little girls fears
In a womans body
Longing for the willow tree
Nurturing branches
I turn in my sleep as the wind moves through its leaves
Like arms they dangle all around me
Somehow I dream they wrap tightly about my yearning form
I am safe I am wanted I am needed I am loved
Why dream this now
I have been at peace for so long
I half wake with your name on my lips
Leaning against the tree
Long willowy branches
A beautiful picture
Abstract in my heartache
My feet are cold
I wonder where you are
Lost to time
Like the weeds that overgrew my fairy garden
The clock says 6am
As daylight comes I try to stay there
A willow tree fades into the distance
Someone I barely recognise as myself sheds a tear
All at once the alarm reminds me where  I am now
And Love..
Like the willow tree I must scramble for
Love feels somehow hard to reach…

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In your arms

I am not me

I am beauty


A single touch

A thousand moments

Senses responsive

Held captive

The gatekeeper

Is the hypnotic waltz

Of your lips upon mine

Passion fleeting

Yet eternal

The dark sorceress

Surrendering control

Arching in fevered desire

I somehow barely recognise

As myself

For our union

weaves magic

Underneath you I become



Coming together

A warm and languid caress

I drown in darkened waters

The depths of you

Your fragile soul

As the magic of midnight

Drifts sweetly overhead

Falling softly like a blanket

The sweet taste

Fills every ache

Carves grooves in my skin

A reminder of fulfillment

For the nights I starve alone

Pieces of me

Moulded from pieces of you

Reign perfect

A carousel of definitive chemistry

My love dances on a blade

Dark red blood

Drips from my heart

Into your pale and tender palm

Submersed in you

I am





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The Last Time

It would be easier to know it was the last time
You would hold close so so much stronger
That last kiss a moment longer
Take so many more photographs with your mind
Inhale that scent to soothe insomnia
Hold hands an hour not a minute
Breathe every hour synchronised
Let go of inhibitions
Light candles play music and dance
Not leave until delirious
Drunk with happiness and love
Eye to eye you’d say you’re beautiful
If you knew it was the last time
Youd make it
And not regret the end

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I am..

I am of storms in teacups
Which turn ino tears
That form into rivers…

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I have decided it’s some kind of conspiracy theory that geocities are closing and I have to try and lift and save all my half done website before they wipe it completely
Almost like…
Wow, you’ve had a crap week… what else can we do
I’m really cranky now……

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