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You stand

Far away across the ocean

I stand

Shivering by the shore

I have

Clothes for my body

No warmth for my soul



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Sundays Roses…

Recently I watched nicole Kidman being interviewd by Oprah.
When asked about the choice of name for her baby Sunday Rose she spoke about a few things but primarily how hers and keiths favourite day of the week was Sunday.
Nicole went on to say..
That when you are happy and loved and wanted and had someone special to share the day with Sunday was a beautiful day..
But if not Sunday, she felt.. was an extremely lonely day.
I think this is really true..
Christmas is the same,
I have had a lot of long lonely Christmas days..

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My heart rests
Centre stage
Praying for perfect balance

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You lay across my skin
The taste of you
Your scent
Your fingers in my hair
Intangible, yet Tangible to my every sense this moment
From a million miles a way…

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For all the noise on the outside
My heart is quiet
As I stroke my pen across the page
Forming words with delicate yet brazen lines
That really
Are whispers across to where you are
And which…
All I ever wanted
was for you to understand

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Giving someone your heart is a really huge thing
Along with that is so much power
It’s like giving someone one of your limbs
Because you then have no control over it
It becomes about trust
And believing they wont break it…

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Special Little Things

It is no secret to anyone who knows me that I love hunting through Antique / Op shops.
Five minutes in my home is testimonial to this..
From the abundance of antique furniture to the old china to the raggy bear with half an eye that sits in the doorway..
The thing is though that I am especially drawn to doing this when I am feeling sad
I guess a lot of people say they like retail therapy when low etc but for me it is different..
Shopping at Myer really doesn’t interest me if I have been awake all night in an angsty mood
Or feeling sad or lonely or lost..
But browsing through other peoples given away belongings has a certain warmth that I find comforting
It’s almost as if all the old things and the far away memories they hold keep my heart company
Yes… as usual..I can hear you thinking "weird girl"..
Today I went off looking at Salvos..
The Salvation Army Store in the town near where I live is huge..
I bought a little outside wooden table and three chairs for $20..
The table is a little bit warped and of course it’s meant to have 4 chairs.. but it’s Jarrah.. and I have 3 kids.. so..
Bargain I think…
The usual lady wasn’t there and I know she would have charged me like sixty…
After I put them in the car (thankfully they fold up)
I went inside and started browsing about.
It was then that I saw it..
It’s pretty little face with the sad eyes just looked at me as if to say please please take me home and be my friend.
It’s hand painted, in oils…
A signature rests at the bottom corner
How did it end up here?
How could someone not treasure it always..
She sold it to me for $3
I have been sad for hours  thinking about who painted t and for whom and how it ended up under a pile of junk in Salvos
For it is something the must have been meant to be loved
Perhaps painted for a child?
Perhaps painted from a memory?
But such is life and human nature… that things are continually temporary if you give life enough time..
It’s pretty isn’t it I said to the woman behind the counter
Hmmpph she said..
Clearly not interested
I brought it home and hung it up straight away
Maybe it doesn’t go with anything else in my house?
Maybe it goes with everything?
Maybe I don’t really care..
For today..
On a sad and lonely day
A special little thing..
Sometihng that needed to be rescued and loved
Has come home to love me
Is my new best friend
^!^ ~ Me
Deer 003

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