All pale skinned and darkness

It’s the fine lines in my head that ran with you

Holding hands amid disorder

The chorus folded into the corners of our secrets

Stained and broken and beautiful magic

It’s finding the smell of you ingrained in my memory

That pulls me all undone

Slow release euphoria..  and then..

I waited for that moment in the sunshine in the rain

It’s the scattered parts of my heart that danced with you

Holding hands amid disorder








I felt you closer than this
I heard you long before you came
For you were still
I , eternally restless
Engaged continuously in flight
Breath against my neck
I fell into you from far far away
The seasons came and went around us
Touch, a gift we were yet to learn
No boundary though times passage
Miles of distance
Nor fate
I felt you more than real
In my veins you threaded wishes
Whispered secrets
Carved our dreams
I was the butterly to all your inner magic
Hovering aside your thoughts for years
I felt you naked like this
Quintessential beauty you pollenated my world
Taught me all I’ve ever feared
All I’ve ever yearned for
In a whisper
Conviction, Passion
A kaleidescope of love
Long before time allowed us gracious decadence
That first time
Most beautifully coloured
When you captured my whole
With your kiss




With the cat like eyes

See and remember

Walking the catwalk


Darkness follows me as I walk this wire. I want from you.. what I want from you

Ordinary things, a card on my birthday.. a hug when I am sad

You see me as the feline – independant, catlike.. yet inside I wish to be stroked

I seduce and I nurture

I fill all your desires, meet all your needs

Where is MY bowl of water?  MY blanket?

Light shines on the catwalk as I take centre stage

Darkness illuminated by a single spotlight

Your love for me?

Or merely that I dream…

I curl into myself,retract my smile and sharpen my claws on my own misery


Padded paws tiptoe behind you as you sleep

Bruised the heart behind

Apply my makeup, smooth down my fur.. I lay down beside you

Model of perfection


By the catwalk





Standing in your doorway

Did you even see that I had arrived

My arms were filled with flowers

You seemed cautious of the thorns

In reality there was a dream they came from you

I the princess

You seeking nothing less

I once captured all you were

I am now..

Concealed by other reasons

Resting on a ledge

I wear secrets carved across my skin

I wanted to say I love you

It seemed inadequate

Whispers in my mind

Perplexed how my love grows

I pray for the world to spin outside my door

For everything to always be the same

I am absorbed in things that make my heart soar

Laying in your arms

The sound of your voice

Enough to bind me

I will wait that long slow dance out

Chords press against my throat

A blade rests at my wrist

I stand waiting for you to lift your head

A silent adoration


Nothing fades here

Standing in your doorway

While you search beyond for something more



I am

I am of tears in tea cups

That flow into Rivers

An accidental occurence

In your raging sea

Swept across the surface

By waves of emotion

I am

Nothing you ever wished for

In any of your dreams





In your arms

I am not me

I am beauty


A single touch

A thousand moments

Senses responsive

Held captive

The gatekeeper

Is the hypnotic waltz

Of your lips upon mine

Passion fleeting

Yet eternal

The dark sorceress

Surrendering control

Arching in fevered desire

I somehow barely recognise

As myself

For our union

weaves magic

Underneath you I become



Coming together

A warm and languid caress

I drown in darkened waters

The depths of you

Your fragile soul

As the magic of midnight

Drifts sweetly overhead

Falling softly like a blanket

The sweet taste

Fills every ache

Carves grooves in my skin

A reminder of fulfillment

For the nights I starve alone

Pieces of me

Moulded from pieces of you

Reign perfect

A carousel of definitive chemistry

My love dances on a blade

Dark red blood

Drips from my heart

Into your pale and tender palm

Submersed in you

I am







Gets under my skin

You don’t know

You can’t feel it

I shelter

My haven silence

An open window a reminder I am free

Yet chained by darkness I am not

Blurred lines


The battle where no medals adorn a victory

One more day

My only reward

It becomes not

Failing or surviving

I have already drowned

Daydreams are where

I come up from the blue

In fleeting painted moments

Staring at the view

Through your world

While my world

Waits coldly to return



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